"You deserve to feel strong, confident and capable in your incredible body."

- Alicia Roberts, MSPT

Alicia Roberts (formerly Alicia Willoughby)

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Private Sessions

One on one private appointment to evaluate and address your needs and concerns with personalized care.   Explore the types of appointments and reasons clients see me.

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Attend a live class with me either in person or virtually. 

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Online Courses

Online programs available for purchase that you can do at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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Sexuality Coaching

Connecting to our sexuality can lower the stress of motherhood, gives us permission to experience pleasure, and gives us the foundation to connect to others both in sexual and non-sexual ways.

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Reconnect. Reclaim. Restore.

Reconnect to your strength. Reclaim your body. Restore your function.

Success Stories

Would highly recommend Alicia!  I saw her for sciatica pain prior to the birth of my first child; and then subsequently after my c-section.  Alicia is experienced, patient and resourceful.  After 6 weeks of treatment with her, I felt stronger overall, and headed back to the gym with more knowledge and body awareness. Alicia also provided tips on caring for the baby, how to nurse, ways to pick up the baby to avoid injuries etc.Have referred a number of my friends to see her for their postpartum rehabilitation. Thank you, Alicia!

C.C., San Francisco

Alicia helped me when my pelvic pain reappeared in my second pregnancy. I was experiencing sharp back pain and discomfort walking. Alicia discovered that my pelvis was out of alignment, made some adjustments, gave me some stability exercises and advice on how to adjust my exercise routine appropriately. After a few weeks the pelvic pain subsided and I’ve been able to continue to be active through the end of my pregnancy. Alicia is a great listener and has a genuine love and interest in her work with pregnant mamas. I highly recommend her!

Nicole B., Greenbrae

I recently completed Alicia’s Ab Rehab Session. At 16 months postpartum, I was still having trouble connecting my core. Which was leading to random pains in other parts of my body I had no idea were connected. Alicia had the perfect words and instruction to help me find these muscles and use them properly after they were ‘turned off’ by pregnancy and delivery. She was able to get me back on track by the weekly exercises she recommends. She is truly amazing at her craft and everyone should have a session with her to get yourself centered back after pregnancy.

H.J., San Rafael

I saw Alicia 10 weeks after giving birth to my son for physical therapy to recover from pregnancy, as well as the diastasis recti that plagued me after giving birth. She was amazing to work with. She made me feel comfortable in my new body, while helping me connect to my pelvic floor again. She also was able to address my tight shoulders and glutes that were bearing the brunt of new mom childcare and pregnancy. Her understanding of a woman’s body after childbirth is refreshing, especially since my own doctor didn’t know how to handle/ understand my diastasis. I am still continuing my path to recovery with all the exercises she taught me. I highly recommend her for any woman looking to thoughtfully recover after pregnancy.

Lolo S., San Rafael