Please Read Before Booking


Thank you for your interest in booking an appointment.

I would love to guide and support you with my services.  Please read through this for all the information about my practice and schedule.

I am not in network with insurance but can give you a superbill receipt to submit to insurance for possible “out of network” reimbursement or deductibles.  I can also take FSA/HSA cards.   I am a small business and would need full office staff to handle all the calls/paperwork and chasing down payments that insurance companies involve.  I am an expert in what I do and give each patient individualized care and unfortunately insurance would reimburse me the same as if I was a new PT without any experience.  

After booking your appointment, please fill out online intake paperwork online prior to your appointment.

OFFICE appointments: Treatment starts with a 60 minute evaluation so I can learn about your body, do a thorough assessment and get you going on what I find are the first steps to reaching your goals based on my findings.  We will discuss your treatment plan from there but please commit to one evaluation and one follow-up appointment.  PLEASE schedule a follow-up 2-4 weeks after your evaluation when booking your evaluation since things book out.  We will discuss if you need it when we meet. 

After your evaluation, you will receive a thorough summary of the findings that will be emailed to you after your appointment and an online personalized home exercise program.  

If you want to discuss which option is best for you, you can schedule a phone consult or email me directly:  

                RETURNING PATIENTS – If I haven’t seen you in 1 year, please book a 60 min evaluation. 

                BIRTH PREP APPOINTMENTS ARE FOR 34+ WEEKS.  If you are pregnant but not this far along, please book a 60 min evaluation. 

                MEDICARE:  I AM NOT A MEDICARE PROVIDER WHICH MEANS I CANNOT SEE MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES ACCORDING TO A LAW WHICH REQUIRES MC                                BENEFICIARIES TO BE SEEN BY A MC PROVIDER ONLY. (no, it doesn’t make sense: please complain to Medicare because this is their rule)

                PHONE CONSULTS (complimentary) are also available if you want to talk prior to coming in and can be booked on the online schedule.                                                                Check both San Rafael & San Francisco schedules for phone consult availability times. 

Rates are listed on my online schedule. 

                 WAITLIST: My schedule tends to book out so grab what you can and then you can add yourself to the waitlist for an earlier availability.  Things open up                       weekly since I work primarily with moms and schedules move around!  You will get an email when openings are available when you are on the waitlist. 

You will need a referral from a doctor to continue treatment past 45 days from your evaluation per California Direct Access law.  If you have a current ObGyn or other doctor: please ask them to fax one to me or give you a copy for your file: 1-888-378-9536.  If you do not have a current doc, we will discuss at your evaluation. 


San Rafael:  914 Mission Ave, Floor 2, Suite 1.

*Designated parking lot under the buildin. 

*You can bring baby to appointment. 

San Francisco: I am located within The Root office: 1300 Sanchez St. 

*Street parking.    *You can bring baby to appointment.

San Rafael Office:

914 Mission Ave, Floor 2, Suite 1, San Rafael, CA 94901

Tuesdays & Thursdays

San Francisco (Noe Valley) Office:

1300 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, CA 94131