Full Bloom Birth Prep

Online course with Alicia Roberts, PT

The course for pregnant people who want to prepare their pelvic floor for birth.

Giving birth is one of the most life changing experiences of our lives and also one of the most physically demanding ones.  

It’s also the unknown if you’ve never done it before

Or its something you want to experience differently if you’ve done it before

Like anyone preparing for an athletic event, you deserve education, coaching and training to prepare for labor and delivery and you deserve it from an expert in this field.  

What do I do during a contraction? 

What exactly is the pelvic floor’s role in giving birth

How do I push effectively? 

Did you know that many birthing people actually work AGAINST the body during labor and delivery by using opposite breathing strategies and contracting muscles that should actually be relaxing. This can lead to longer pushing phases and possibly then lead to more interventions. 

Alicia’s course is very practical and skills-based — definitely the most practical birth prep course I’ve taken. Her instructions and demos are clear and compelling, and I really appreciate her inclusion of the vulva footage, which made the lesson less abstract and gave me a precise model to compare myself to. I learned a ton about my pelvis and pelvic floor and feel equipped to take these lessons into my birthing time. Highly recommend this course!

Rashida N.

This class was SO helpful as I prepared myself for birth and postpartum.  Alicia has such a wealth of knowledge to share and the class is really well-organized and easy to understand. She goes through how to relax your pelvic floor for birth, how to prep the perineum (with instructions for doing it with a partner!), how to push, and even tips for postpartum healing.  I came out of the class with lots of things to think about, exercises to practice to get myself ready (spoiler: it’s not kegels!), and maybe most importantly, with a lot more confidence. I would recommend it to anyone getting ready for birth! 
Allison Lee

This course should be a requirement for all birthing people!  Even as a midwife, I learned so much that I was never taught in midwifery school about pelvic floor prep and what physically happens to the pelvic bowl during childbirth.  Alicia’s teaching style makes this information easily digestible and not overwhelming, which is so important for folks heading into their birth!  I can’t wait to recommend this course to all my clients.

Brigette Barnato, CPM, LM

Learn how to work WITH your pelvic floor while giving birth and NOT against it

Alicia Roberts, PT

Alicia Roberts, PT


Full Bloom Birth Prep is taught by a pelvic health physical therapist (and mom of 2) who specializes in prenatal and postpartum bodies and has been teaching birth preparation in clinic for over 5 years with hands on assessments and birth training.

What’s Included

In this course you will learn:

  • What is the pelvic floor and what exactly does it do during birth?
  • How to effectively coordinate pelvic floor contract and relaxation for optimal pelvic floor function.
  • Pelvic floor relaxation to allow baby to drop into pelvis and create an optimal birth canal that is soft and pliable.
  • Pushing coordination to work WITH your uterus and so that you already have the muscle memory down prior to the big moment.  (It can be hard to learn to push in the moment!!)
  • Perineal preparation that not only stretches the perineal muscles but also prepares the nervous system to remain relaxed during stretch. 
  • Tips for postpartum healing.

Want to feel more prepared to give birth?

After This Training You Will…

Feel empowered

Have decreased anxiety about giving birth

Feel more prepared

Have a better connection to your pelvis

Want to feel more prepared to give birth?