Restore Your Roots Postpartum

Online course with Alicia Roberts, PT

The course for postpartum people reconnect and strengthen their pelvic floor and abdominal muscles after giving birth.

Returning to exercise postpartum can be extremely confusing. 

Where do I even start?
What is safe?
What is not?
How do I know what my body is ready for?

Restore Your Roots was designed by a physical therapist, and mom of two, who specializes in helping postpartum bodies fully recover after giving birth. 

The plan is all ready for you.

No need to worry or question if the program is right for you. 

This was designed for you to safely reconnect and strengthen your deepest core muscles.

Restore Your Roots is perfect for you if you just gave birth and are ready to start exercising. 

Restore Your Roots is perfect for you if you gave birth years ago but haven’t given your body the attention it deserves. 

Restore Your Roots is perfect for you if you are experiencing common postpartum concerns such as urinary incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, back pain and core weakness. 

Rehab your postpartum core the correct way.

Alicia Roberts, PT

Alicia Roberts, PT

Founder, Blossom Physical Therapy and Wellness

Restore Your Roots Postpartum is taught by a pelvic health physical therapist (and mom of 2) who specializes in prenatal and postpartum bodies and has been teaching birth preparation in clinic for over 5 years with hands on assessments and birth training.

What’s Included

In this course you will learn:


  • anatomy and function of your deep core muscles and how they are affected by pregnancy and birth.
  • 4 exercises routines that are progressively advanced as you move through each one in sequence. Each subsequent routine adds complexity with movement, resistance and dynamics.  Printable PDF handouts with the routine for easy reference.
  • Final video teaches you my professional guidance on how to assess your own core muscles in future exercises to make sure you are always working within your body’s capabilities for the benefit of restoration and strengthening.I also cover how to take this new foundation into your other exercise activities.
  • Optional Advanced video: I am often asked how to take my rehabilitation exercises up a notch into more traditional fitness exercises. In this video I teach you an advanced routine that is only appropriate after you have finished all previous videos and want some options to challenge your newly restored strength. This video will be available to add to your purchase at checkout.

     *Vaginal births – please wait until 4 weeks postpartum (or until any stitches are not tender when you contract your vaginal muscles) and Cesarean births please wait 5 weeks.

Want to feel more prepared to give birth?

After This Training You Will Have…

More connection to your pelvic floor and deep abdominals

More pelvic floor and abdominal strength

Pelvic and spine support to protect yourself from injury

Core foundation to return to desired exercise with more confidence

More confidence in your postpartum body


Postpartum exercises done right.