Returning to Sex & Intimacy Postpartum

A Holistic Wellness Approach

Online course with Alicia Roberts, PT

 The course with the realistic timeline and the professional and clinical guidance on how to successfully return to sex and intimacy.

This is the course to reconnect you with yourself, your body, your desire and your partner.When you are newly postpartum, it is often one of the first times you have been given a prescribed time frame that you have to abstain from sex.

Then all of a sudden at 6 weeks, you are told you are “all clear” to return to sex and yet you are no longer who you were physically, mentally and emotionally from the last time you had sex.

So where do you even start? 

      • Will it hurt?
      • Where did my libido go?
      • What do I do if I’m not ready?
      • I know I should for my partner.
      • How do I talk to my partner about how I’m feeling?

This course is the guidance and support you deserve to navigate returning to physical intimacy.  Developed and taught by Alicia Roberts, pelvic floor physical therapist, motherhood sexuality & intimacy coach and mom of two, Alicia has guided her clients back into the physical and emotional/mental act of sex and intimacy for many years. 

This course came out of the obvious need to address the common confusions, feeling lost, feeling scared and anxious and disconnect with yourself as a sexual person.

This is the course to reconnect you with yourself, your body, your desire and your partner.

Return to sex & intimacy with guidance.

Alicia Roberts, PT

Alicia Roberts, PT

Founder, Blossom Physical Therapy and Wellness

Returning to Sex & Intimacy is taught by a pelvic health physical therapist (and mom of 2) who specializes in prenatal and postpartum bodies.  Alicia is also a Somatica® trained sexuality and intimacy coach. 

What’s Included & Objectives

The course is divided into two parts:

Part 1: The physical act of returning to sex and intimacy

Part 2: The mental/emotional components of returning to sex and intimacy.


  • Provide information about how pregnancy and birth physically affect sex/intimacy 
  • Normalize common experiences 
  • Learn what is normal and not in physical return to sex
  • Give realistic timelines and guidelines
  • Name the common blocks to returning to sex emotionally and mentally
  • Identify the different kinds of sexual desire
  • Learn what turns your light up and what turns it down
  • Practical ways to turn your light up 
  • Conversation starters for talking about your new sex life


Give me the guidance and support I deserve!