The Illuminated Mother – Sexuality Coaching:          

Connecting to one’s own sexuality connects us to ourselves, our bodies, and our senses.  Connecting to our sexuality can lower the stress of motherhood, gives us permission to experience pleasure, and gives us the foundation to connect to others both in sexual and non-sexual ways.

Sexuality: Capacity For Sexual Feelings        

As a Women’s Health Physical therapist, I am discussing very intimate topics with my clients.  I am often the first and only person they have confided in about their concerns and discomforts because topics of female anatomy and sex are unfortunately still considered taboo to openly discuss.  It is my honor to provide a safe space for these vulnerable topics and emotions.

The common things I hear from my clients:

  • “I have no libido anymore.”
  • “I am so touched out.”
  • “It feels like one more thing to do.”
  • “I miss having sex, but I don’t even know where to start.”
  • “This body doesn’t feel like mine anymore.”
  • “Sex doesn’t feel the same, it doesn’t feel as good as it used to.”
  • “I feel disconnected from the lower part of my body.”
  • “It’s not on my mind at all.” 

Pregnancy and birth are often the first time in a woman’s life that her body is not her own.  A history of sexual trauma, physical trauma or chronic pain are reasons that a woman may already be in a state of physical disconnection prior to being pregnant.  Many women intentionally or unintentionally disconnect from their pelvis after birth, especially when any form of birth trauma (physical or psychological/emotional) was experienced but even if the birth itself was reported as positive.   

The result is mothers who are disconnected from their physical bodies below the belt.  Mothers who have forgotten how to connect to their own pleasure or even the desire to feel pleasure again.  The result is mothers who no longer associate themselves with being a sexual being; someone who wants sexual pleasure and views this pleasure as a part of their OWN physical, mental and emotional wellness. 

I have guided hundreds of women back into their bodies and sex lives after having a baby.  This has involved both physical healing from my physical therapy skills but also involved coaching on how to start reconnecting with their own bodies and their partners for the purpose of intimacy and sexual pleasure.  I am passionate for helping mothers reclaim their sexuality to whatever capacity they desire.  

Within the clinical constraints of my physical therapy practice, I am not able to provide the full expansiveness of support to clients.  The offering of Sexuality Coaching allows clients to work with me beyond the physical therapy scope of practice or completely without the physical therapy component, to dive deeper into the goals of reclaiming oneself as a sexual being AND a mother.  They can both co-exist and I’m excited and honored to support you as your turn back on your pilot light and live your life as an Illuminated Mother.

WHY become an illuminated mother?

  • Because you are innately a sexual being.
  • Because pleasure is a birth right.
  • Because your body is your own.
  • Because your body wants you to reconnect with her, in fact, she is just waiting for it.
  • Because becoming a mother does not mean you lose a part of yourself.
  • Because sexual pleasure is a part of your health and wellness.
  • Because life is better when your sexuality pilot light is on.
  • Because you will lower your stress and be able to self soothe easier.

“Every time a woman has sex simply because it feels good it is revolutionary, she is revolutionary, she is pushing back against society’s insistence that she exists simply for men’s pleasure or for reproduction. A woman who prioritizes her sexual needs is scary because a woman who prioritizes her sexual needs prioritizes herself. That is a woman demanding that she be treated as an equal.  That is a woman who insists you make room for her at the table of power and that is the most terrifying of all because we can’t make room for her without some of us giving up the extra space we hold.”

-Sofia Jawed-Wessel  

TEDxTalk “Women’s Sexual Pleasure: What are we so afraid of?”

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